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posted 3476 days, 5 hours ago
Hey, guys!          Just had my PC repair due to an awesome virus...Well, when I brought the PC back home, the Basic HSpeed Icon on the lower corner had disapeared as well as my Microsoft word and other MS systems wont work...I downloaded the Hspeed a

Welcome to Mama's Kitchen! Good cooking, great baking, tons of fabulous recipes. Welcome to my kitchen!
posted 3496 days, 9 hours ago
When you're too busy to cook, and you still need to - this recipe is just right.  Serve this sandwich for lunch or for dinner, or even whip up for your favorite armchair quarterback now that fottball season is here! Easy recipe -

My Music, New Music
posted 3504 days, 9 hours ago
Yes, I did finish my manuscript of Music for Keyboards this week.  Some of the pieces are shorter fugues.  Yes, different pieces in different keys, although most use a common theme. All of the pieces are dedicated to my old keyboard

Come on up the hollar and sit with me a while...
posted 3538 days, 9 hours ago
Well Jack is still growing... unfortunately there is really nothing to show scale as to how big he really is now. I didn't measure him today but I thought I would update his picture. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

posted 3569 days, 0 hours ago
In less than a week my daughter will be in court fighting for custody of my grandchildren. Now this is the daughter that leaves for weeks at a time, leaving the kids with my husband and I to take care of. She doesn't call the kids or even text them goodni

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