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How do we Love?

Jesus the Example

Jesus the Example — Baptism and Temptation (Mark 1:4-13) 

In the midst of John’s faithful ministry, the Messiah came to set an example. The sinless One, who had no reason to repent, who didn’t need forgiveness, came and humbled himself into the hands and arms of the humble servant of God and into the waters of the Jordan River. 

After Jesus’ baptism, his heavenly Father gave spoken approval of his Son and what he had just done. 

Every son (and daughter) desperately needs to hear his father say, “You are my son/daughter, whom I love. With you I am well pleased.” What an encouragement and joy those words bring. 

The sky split open and the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus knew very well, descended upon him. Was this God giving his Son a hug or pat on the back? Was he saying, “Son, it’s time to go to work”? 

Jesus’ first challenge was to do battle with Satan. Mark mentions the wild animals. Matthew and Luke do not. Jesus was in a dangerous place. Sometimes we are too. But the fiercest, most deadly animal in that wilderness was that “lion who seeks to devour,” that “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” the “dragon” himself. 

If the Son of God had to face temptations of all descriptions, so shall we. But just as the angels ministered to his needs, the Holy Spirit will minister to ours. 

Temptations are a fact of life. Satan will chip away at our foundation hoping to topple us. He is relentless. But if we follow Jesus’ example as found in Matthew and Luke’s accounts and learn and use the Word of God, Satan can and will be defeated. 

We must follow Jesus’ pattern in fighting Satan. We must follow John’s pattern in being faithful to our calling and clear in our message. Then we can help our brothers; dissatisfied with what they have and what Satan offers. We have something so very much better. Let’s not give up in accomplishing our calling. God’s Word will prevail. Love your brother and try to save them spiritually.