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How do we Love?

The American Driver?

On the way back from vacation we really became aware of how many syphilis brain drivers are on the road. We were on an interstate road and came up on a sign - right lane closed ahead. We moved to the left and stayed inline.

But sy-phi-lis  brain drivers kept going down in the right lane expecting to buck in front of others to get ahead of as many as they can.

BUT that is not the end of it. There were sy-phi-lis brain dead  prima donnas  going down the apron to pass the ones in the right lane; demi gods that deserved to get in front of everyone. People like that do not care about anyone except themselves, they are gods unto themselves.

I did not leave any one inline and it still took 45 minutes to go about 5 miles. ( There was no work going on that day ) If each one would had gotten inline and with no work the speed would have been about 50 MPH and everone would have gotten through pretty quickly.

Americans have gotten so arrogant they feel they have the right to do whatever they want as long as it is a benefit to themselves and to H--- with everyone else. I doubt they could be respectful to anyone.