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How do we Love?

The Super Bowl

Good for the team but with the ? fans ? translated rioters, it was brain dead as norm.

The Idiots brought down light poles, they over turned vehicles, they looted stores, they busted windows, they did damage wherever they wanted. Of course the norm for brain dead idiots. Just because the Eagles won the  Super Bowl

The cops had body cams and they should have arrested everyone they got pics of or caught them. Then each & ever person should have been fined $25,000 and put in jail until the fine was paid and their families were not eligible for any taxpayer assistance. Just maybe their brain dead activity would not be someones else's cost to be responsible for.

As for probably 90% of the rest, they thought they were at home in their sty. There were tons and tons of trash that had to be cleaned up, of course that is  probably the way they live .

Then they cry when they are degraded, the  Idiots do it to themselves.

If a pig is a pig you call them a pig.
If an  idiot  is an  idiot  you call them an  idiot .

Philadelphia will NEVER change.