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How do we Love?

Cont. From Last Post

Dr. David Jeremiah

“ I Never Though I’d See the Day “


What is happening in the USA?


“ Is This the End? “


Try to find a copy and read it and then pass it on.

It has been said the people of the USA deserve better than what we are getting. I say we are getting what we deserve and it will get much much worst.

We as a society are driving this country into a soon to be - has been.

We are doing everything against God and how soon will God say enough is enough.

I did not read the first book but the second is what I have been saying for years. I did not have statistics but if you don’t have your head buried in the sand you can see it happening.

The way the USA is today the end has started and how soon it will be completed is in the Fathers’s hands. Yes; there will be nashing of teeth but if we don’t wake up and come back to God and stop bending our knees to everything exceot God it will be like a snowball rolling down the biggest hill you have ever seen.

At some point there will be no turning back and I hope and pray we have not reached that point.

dooms day |?do?mz?d?| (also domesday )

noun [in sing. ]

the last day of the world's existence.


More on trash

Fox News host Tucker Carlson

Carlson prompted a backlash last week when he said on his show that mass immigration  "makes our country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided." He defended his comments in a segment earlier this week, showing images of trash at the US-Mexico border and arguing border crossers leave behind large amounts of "garbage and waste" as they force their way inside the country

Police arrest illegal immigrant in California officer's killing

The family of the officer should sue all the officials who voted for the state to be an sanctuary state.

Every time an illegal commits a crime the officials should be sued.

All the news should report if the crime was by an illegal or not.