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How do we Love?

Sprinkling Cans
"Sprinkling Cans"

It was getting dry. The lettuce, celery, and cabbage seedlings we had transplanted needed to be watered in order to survive. Each morning I took the sprinkling can, filled it with water, and carried it to the garden. Each day I wished for rain, not only to be relieved of carrying water, but because the rest of the garden was suffering, too.

Then one morning the sky was overcast. We waited hopefully. Then the rain fell. Not only was the whole garden being watered, but the yard, the pasture fields, the corn fields, the trees. Acres and acres of crops for miles around would revive and yield better because of this rain.

"Just think how small and meager my little sprinkling can is compared to a shower like this."

My friend thought a moment, then said, "But your sprinkling can kept the plants alive until this shower came. They would have died if you hadn't watered them."

Her statement, so simply stated, became a message that stuck in my mind long after we had both returned to our work. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there were other "sprinkling cans" in our life.

The help we give our fellow men and neighbors is small when we compare it with what God does for us. And yet the smallness of things we can do for each other does not give us the right to sit back and do nothing. Even though our "sprinkling cans" seem hopelessly small, our concerns and prayers and admonishments and good example must not cease as long as there is still hope. Oh, for more sprinkling cans --- small vessels of love and peace, of goodwill and patience and hope!


The problem with to many so called Christians, they think that after they been saved they don't have to do anything.

The one thing they should do; is check and see if the have been saved.