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Solitary Pagan Earth Witch Writing Book Reviews, sharing Poetry, Spells, Chants, Recipes, Gardening, Paranormals, Dark Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Metaphysical, Mystical, and Magical.
posted 4159 days, 0 hours ago
The Wytch's Mirror http://… (see post for link)

Stripping Down to the Reality
posted 4176 days, 6 hours ago
  Boondoggles the hell out of me why the politicians pick such whimpy topics, per recent Media coverage, to take to the battle field. Most of the population is well beyond college age, rocks have been over turned showing massive waste of the funds pai

A day in the life of a paper carrier
posted 4208 days, 23 hours ago
First three days were hell! These were my training days!! Ride with someone for 2 days and drive them on the 3rd day! Try to drive, read the addresses, throw the paper, suffer with bouts of motion sickness and be done by 6 in the morning! Not a bad time t

observations of various things in my neck of woods
posted 4225 days, 7 hours ago
Ever since moving to the mid-South, I've noticed that the locals do not do much outside activities.  In northern Mississippi, west central Tennessee, and here in the mid upper section of Arkansas, people tend to either be in their cars or inside their hom

Getting Old--Yeeesh!~
posted 4261 days, 18 hours ago
Getting old--it creeps up on you.  On silent feet.  You're doing great one day, then a knee is not so great, then the other one.  And you're walking slower.  The thing to do is not give in.  That first knee--don't wait.  Leap right on it to fix it--wear k

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