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posted 4387 days, 17 hours ago
My new blog will give Netflix movie watchers a chance to get  a feel for independent movies before they rent one. But you must realize that passing judgment on a movie is pretty subjective. It's like food; you can just love olives, yet your best friend ca

Free stuff for your computer and more!
posted 4410 days, 6 hours ago
  You can get free office software (Open Office) like Microsoft Office FREE!!!Click here to see how.

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posted 4416 days, 10 hours ago
It is a beautiful day in Gallia County, Ohio. We have finally got moved  in and put our other place for sale,  the one up for sale has 6 acres with 1//… (see post for link)

Dial Up Discount on Reliable Dial Up Service
posted 4424 days, 6 hours ago
From the days of AOL littering our mailboxes and eventually our landfills with free trial offers for dial-up internet service - to today's highly competitive markets of Dial-up, High Speed Connections, DSL, and Mobile Broadband - few companys have wea

Short Blog Description Goes Here
posted 4431 days, 19 hours ago
Moving Sale E Mail animalmanmike@hotmail.com For information

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