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music and film productions...networking worldwide
posted 4752 days, 20 hours ago
Hi everybody.  My name is John and I'm writing to everyone who is for peace on earth and goodwill to others.  Music and film are art forms that know no limits.  I'm in it for the benefit of sanity for all humanity.  I mean we my not be able to stop th

Short Blog Description Goes Here
posted 4752 days, 21 hours ago
Hey, guys!          Just had my PC repair due to an awesome virus...Well, when I brought the PC back home, the Basic HSpeed Icon on the lower corner had disapeared as well as my Microsoft word and other MS systems wont work...I downloaded the Hspeed a

Welcome to Mama's Kitchen! Good cooking, great baking, tons of fabulous recipes. Welcome to my kitchen!
posted 4773 days, 1 hour ago
When you're too busy to cook, and you still need to - this recipe is just right.  Serve this sandwich for lunch or for dinner, or even whip up for your favorite armchair quarterback now that fottball season is here! Easy recipe -

My Music, New Music
posted 4781 days, 0 hours ago
Yes, I did finish my manuscript of Music for Keyboards this week.  Some of the pieces are shorter fugues.  Yes, different pieces in different keys, although most use a common theme. All of the pieces are dedicated to my old keyboard

Come on up the hollar and sit with me a while...
posted 4815 days, 0 hours ago
Well Jack is still growing... unfortunately there is really nothing to show scale as to how big he really is now. I didn't measure him today but I thought I would update his picture. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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