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My first ever Blog
posted 3832 days, 2 hours ago
Hi I do not want to advertise, but I will. If you want to look good and lose weight let me know. I am a Herbalife Distirbutor who can help you. If you would like to see my website go to www.shopherbalife.com//… (see post for link)

Work At Home
posted 3835 days, 16 hours ago
Have you ever wonder how people are staying home and still paying their bills. The answer is that they work from home . All you need is a computer and a phone . It is that easy. There are all types of opportunities waiting to be discovered. There a

just another day
posted 3838 days, 20 hours ago
Okay, First Time on this BLOG...Welcome to Barbie's World. Mother of 4 great children, painter and much more. This last week I joined Face Book.  It's addictive. Although, It has been fun hooking up with offline - real life fri

born,December,29.1959 a son Jonathan,allman,born October,26,1997
posted 3852 days, 13 hours ago
Brenda,J,Allman, I was born on December,29,1959. in Parkersburg,West,Virginia, been my home sence birth. my mother is Helen,L,Leonard, she died on,Septemeber,27,1994.my father is John,W,Leonard,he died on June,3,1995, on October,26,1997,

What is self defense?
posted 3857 days, 12 hours ago
My boyfriend is thinking of starting a business making home made knifes and I was just wondering how many people would buy them.

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