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posted 4920 days, 7 hours ago
The definition of grass-fed that we follow is defined by the American Grass-fed Association (AGA): "The AGA defines grass-fed products from ruminants, including cattle,

My first ever Blog
posted 4933 days, 20 hours ago
Hi I do not want to advertise, but I will. If you want to look good and lose weight let me know. I am a Herbalife Distirbutor who can help you. If you would like to see my website go to www.shopherbalife.com//… (see post for link)

Work At Home
posted 4937 days, 9 hours ago
Have you ever wonder how people are staying home and still paying their bills. The answer is that they work from home . All you need is a computer and a phone . It is that easy. There are all types of opportunities waiting to be discovered. There a

just another day
posted 4940 days, 14 hours ago
Okay, First Time on this BLOG...Welcome to Barbie's World. Mother of 4 great children, painter and much more. This last week I joined Face Book.  It's addictive. Although, It has been fun hooking up with offline - real life fri

born,December,29.1959 a son Jonathan,allman,born October,26,1997
posted 4954 days, 7 hours ago
Brenda,J,Allman, I was born on December,29,1959. in Parkersburg,West,Virginia, been my home sence birth. my mother is Helen,L,Leonard, she died on,Septemeber,27,1994.my father is John,W,Leonard,he died on June,3,1995, on October,26,1997,

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