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titidylan posted a photo:

Lake Reschen Bell Tower in South Tyrol

In Italy, quite near the border of the country with Austria and Switzerland, there is Lake Reschen (Lago di Resia or Reschensee), in the middle of which an old bell tower rises. Local legend says that in winter, when the pond is covered with ice, the bells of the long-removed bells ring out from here. It is as if the dead ministers of the church, buried in graves that remained under water, pull invisible ropes - and a hymn to the glory of the Lord sounds, unheard by many...

Lake Rezia, six kilometers long and one wide, is of artificial origin - it serves as a reservoir for water used for the needs of a nearby hydroelectric power station. The flooded bell tower towering above the waters of the lake is all that remains of the city of Graun (Curon), which once stood on this site.

Lake Reschen Bell Tower in South Tyrol
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