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My name is Richard I am 55 years old and married,and I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We see people every day and We dont know them and they dont know us. We like to meet new people and i like to hold my hand out and say lets be friends.I wish we can meet friends every day. Our phone number is 205-633-4360 We wish everyone a good new year.We love to dance and have a good time.Let me say thank you for reading this.

Meet New People
We live day by day.I am married and am 55 years old and my wife is 63 years old. Our health is not so good,But we keep on going in life. We love to go out and dance and meet people.and we love to hear music.We havent been out in years because we dont know anyone.All i wish that can happen is some one can pickup the phone and  call and say HI.Thanks any way.
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