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Jeffrey's Music Cafe
Jeffrey's Bloggin About Music Again | portaltaxi.net/music | twitter.com/portaltaximusic

Would You Like Some Free Music Downloads?
PortalTaxi.net - Indie Music Network has many music recording artist who are members of their network that offer free music downloads.   In exchange for the free song they ask that you share a link on your facebook or twitter page about them to help promote their music.  Read more about it here.   http://www.portaltaxi.net/music/free-mp3-download/
(PortalTaxi.net/Music) The Prairie Oysters – Things That I Like Best
portaltaxi.net/music The Prairie Oysters have been raising heck and eyebrows all over the country since 2005 with their brand of country music that's been accurately described by Amazon music as an explosive mix of country, southern rock, blues and rockabilly. The Prairie Oysters have been making friends around the world with their mix of originals and covers, their showmanship and their sense of fun, which turns every gig into a party.

Read more about them and there video at:

Note from the blogger:  The PortalTaxi.net - Indie Music Network is my site.  If you're a indie music artist or have a friend who is, I invite you to join my network and promote your sound.  The artist I am blogging about are just one of many on my site.  Come check them out : )
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