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Minimal Moments
This blog will be about my day to day things. I live a very minimal easy-going life. I plan to touch on topics of frugal ways, recipes, hobbies and anything thing else I have going on


Well it is Wednesday. Today is my neices birthday--will have to get her card signed, and money inside and delivered tonight. I have decided $$ is the best for teens and birthdays, they know what they like best and saves me wandering around the stores looking for something all the while plunking all kinds of other "great finds" in my basket.

I went to Walmart this morning before work to pick up a 3 lunches for the rest of the week. {I have been doing great at eating my lunches in the office and not take-out =++$$} I done very good on this shopping trip, took my reuseable bag, no plastic to get rid of, used it as my shopping basket, so no germy cart to be tempted to overfill. I purchased 3 lunches, a soda and a snickers bar for my breakfast [total $8 with use of a $1cpn]. So OK I know the soda and snickers were NOT a healthy breakfast but I had not time to get anything else, or at least didn't think to look for a better option.

I went to the "Wednesday" thrift store to see what they had on 1/2 off day. The only things I really needed was a belt & a white cardigan sweater, which I may end up getting new because used whites are sometimes funky colors or dingy. I wandered the store and found nada....nothing I needed. I hope to organize/clean my closet this weekend and tag yardsale items, with that on my mind I was not too tempted. Maybe next time.....

I will admit my downfall of today..............................
Those darn vending boxes in my office break-room, they have eaten $1.70 of my dough today! Did I really need 2 Sunkists and a tiny bag of "tater skins"??? Well no, but they sounded so good at the moment. I will have to work on this one. I added snacks to my weekly shopping list...maybe if I keep some in my drawer I won't pay the outrageous "junk-box" prices.

I have had a stye on my left eye since Sunday and we have performed minor operations on it!
I have tried every online trick I have found....rubbing a gold ring on it, tea bags, mashed potato, whole potato, parsley water. I even broke down and got some similisan stye eye drops. I have to say nothing works.....And styes hurt like the dickens. The only thing that really worked and it is not for the faint of heart {aka: only those like me that refuse to go to a doctor}. Is to poke the bump with a sterilized needle and then squeeze like you know what. Yes it hurts, but when the pain subsides the swelling started going down and my eye is starting to look almost normal and not something on a droid. Like I said....I do not suggest this for anyone...sticking needles in your eyes is not recomended for normal folks!!! But thanks to the help of my sweetie {who was a little freaked out that I was asking him to poke my eye with a needle} my eye seems to be on the mend.

Well the rest of my day will be: Something for dinner??? I have got to get back on the menu bandwagon. Deliver that Birthday card and then I plan on working on my cross stitch and relaxing....ahhhh "Bliss"

Total Daily Spending= 9.70

The Begining............

Well today is day on of Minimal Moments life, I supppose this is the birth of a new blog.

I am a 30 something gal that has a fulltime job away from home in a office setting. I enjoy being a peaceful and simple as I can possibly be.

I will capture my day to day agendas, my frugal & simple ways, and anything else that sets my fancy. After all it is >>my Blog<<

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