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Outside looking in

Turtle and Julius 2
Julie and Turtle have been doing something different of late, maybe the last year.
If they are in sight of my chair and I am getting up they will wait for me to make it to them and then they walk along side me til I make it to my destination.  It is so sweet.  Julie will walk along side of me, he is on the bed and I am walking on the floor and he follows me til I get to their steps and he joins me on the floor.  My cats are the best.  Turtle as old as she is still is obstinate.  She knows there are certain places she is not allowed so she waits till I am out of sight or asleep and then she goes to the forbidden places.  I punish her until the next time when she undoubtedly do it again.  She is very frustrating.  Julie doesn't like to be punished so he learns the first time.  He is not sneaky like Turtle.  Obviously she learns or she wouldn't have to be sneaky, she just wouldn't do it.  I don't have patience with her since I know she knows better.   Despite what everyone says cats can be taught what not to do.  Both my cats have been taught by a previous cat of mine to use certain pieces of carpet to claw, they are not allowed to use the furniture.  Julie knows several words.   BIRDS, POTTY, OUTSIDE, GO OUTSIDE AND LOOK OUTSIDE, TAKE A NAP, WHATS THAT, give me a kiss and TURTLE.   He also talks but I don't understand him, tee hee.  He's very smart.  They both know their names.