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Outside looking in
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Turtle and Julius 1

 There is Julius, he is 17 years old and my baby and his mother Turtle, she is 18 and has diabetes.  I have never been able to afford to treat her and she is in her last stages I think.  When she cleans herself her hair becomes balled up and sticky and her spit is thick.  I wonder why they can't do diabetic tests on the spit rather from the blood for people?  She hangs in and goes through stages of eating good and not eating good.  She drinks so much water that the litter turns to cement and is awful to clean.  I haven't found an answer yet.
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I have a 15? year old Cockatiel, he is untamed but likes me.  I got him as a baby but he has always been skittish.  He had a brother that died a few years ago so he is alone and has a radio to entertain him as I try not to go back there unless to check on his feed, etc as it is a mess and low on my list for cleaning.
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