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Outside looking in

abandon cats
My neighbors collect a lot of animals but not out of love as they throw them out to survive the best they can. The cats and dogs are not fixed so they breed freely. I first noticed two sweet little girls that were skin and bones but they were wild so it was hard to keep them by the food long enough to get their tummies fool. I put food out for them and soon there were more that came in but they were tamer and helped themselves to the food leaving little or none for the starving wild cats. They died to my sadness. So I begin to buy 16lb bags of food at ten a bag every month first only one bag and then one of the semi tame cats had 2 babies and then 6 and then more strays some wild joined in to eat the food. Then I noticed a 4 count batch of babies that came from across the street to feed and a few days ago a very small baby maybe 4 weeks old running away from the little bits of morsels the cats had left. There are now close to 30 cats at any given time who come to be fed. I am up to about 5 bags of food a month and that is not feeding them as often as they require a day. 6 of the 9 kittens that I watched over are semi tame now but what to do about all of this? I can only see more coming without abate. I don't like being in the position of deciding who shall live and who shall die for lack of food. It hurts me to the bone. I talked to a woman who would come and capture them and have them fixed for 25 a head. 30 cats at 25 a head???  Then they are brought back fr me to feed. The cost of food is killing me. I feel like putting a sign up shaming the neighbors for their uncaring actions toward their animals. To think that this started with a few cats that humans didn't care enough to have them fixed to save future lives. It is a constant burden on my heart. So far the only thing I have come up with is to ask for an Answer from God, the humane society and the animal welfare league. This will be sent to the last two in hopes for an answer. I can't afford to fix them and I can't afford to feed them and I can't afford in all conscience and heart to not feed them.

EDIT  The above companies did not pan out so it is up to God and perhaps some responses to this post to find an answer for them.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.