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Up the hollar...
Come on up the hollar and sit with me a while...

Jack Henry


Well Jack is still growing... unfortunately there is really nothing to show scale as to how big he really is now. I didn't measure him today but I thought I would update his picture.


We still have Lucy, but we let Jack Henry get on with being a fox about one month after his last picture. I would like to have kept him as a pet, but he really deserved better.

We would go outside with Jack to let him run around some and get used to the area and one day he decided to he was ready to go home. I saw him several times in the following months, but he would not come to us. We called to him and he would stop and look back at us for a minute or two, then he would walk back into the forest.

We wanted him to survive to being an adult and we did our job and it was time to let him go. All through the summer and into winter we would leave a couple of eggs every day in the spot we usually saw him. He came by for the eggs less and less so I think he adapted to living in the wild.... but we do miss him.