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Backup Solutions

Software:  Storage and Restore


In recent years, Rachel Gehrke Technologies Company (RGTC) has experienced countless misfortunes with data loss and corruption, due to Microsofts’ Windows product.
It was mentioned by the founder of RGTC, Rachel Gehrke, that a dire need for a data storage management solution is desperately becoming apparent.

“Why are the files not being backed-up every week?!”

-  Rachel Gehrke


Much research has been carried out to obtain the following solution. The software was carefully selected to meet RGTC management requests. The need for two major requirements were made: 1) Full back up 2) Incremental 3) Optional -- Differential backup.  
It was also requested that a summary of each products main features, along with strengths and weaknesses, financials, failed alternative products, and ultimately a professional recommendation in product selection.
Eleven Microsoft Windows compatible backup software products were examined.
Two of the eleven chosen programs were deemed most beneficial in meeting RGTC needs.
SOFTWARE CHOICE 1: Simple Data Backup


The first top rated product, chosen from the ten, was a backup software developed by Chris Long.  In his work, Simple Data Backup, Long (2003) wanted a program that would carry all the functionality of high-end backup software’s but with the utmost simplicity kept in mind. This train of thought was implemented into his product to aid in a market of fickle computer users, who wanted a product that was stable and boasted many features but without any interface confusion. In other words, the user would not need special training to operating the software or to achieve its full potential (Long, Finn, & Fofanov, 2020). The developer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Long also worked in “IT related technologies such as programming, user interface, design, home automation, hardware building, and technical support.” He also operates a product called SSE Setup, which allowed developers to manage program installation (Long, 2003).


This backup software offers an abundance of features, which aided its selection.  
Simple Data Backup allows for a full backup, which includes the creation of an Image file. Included in the image file are the registry and applications files. The folders and files can also be backed up individually, without having to go through an entire ‘full’ backup. The backup software can also preform incremental and differential backups, after the initial full backup is carried out. The incremental and differential backups can also be scheduled by the day, date, and time.
Other features include the ability to have multiple backup schedules for different backup types. The software will accommodate most storage medium types. The approved types include flash, solid state, optical, hard disk, shared, and cloud--server. The ability to copy folders, files, and images from one drive to another is also an option. The software has been in use for 15 years and has most of its bugs resolved, however, if any backup errors occur, the administrator may be notified through a text message, E-Mail, or in-software service. Lastly, Simple Data Backup comes with detailed help instruction list, a simplistic graphical user interface, state-of-the-art encryption and compression.
 The above mentioned features are deemed suitable in meeting the requirements of upper management to RGTC.


When focusing closer on the software features shown to us, researchers examined the specific traits which lined up well to meet the specific needs under RGTC management. Some of the mentioned features were not required but may increase user productivity, with inflicting no dismay. There were five positive and productive strengths chosen. The first being financial burden. Simple Data Backup software is very low in price. As of November, 2020, the price for a professional server edition of Simple Data Backup is a onetime fee of 250.00 USD.  The second strength being that Simple Data Backup provides full and incremental backups for data. This feature can be customized down to the day, date, and time. The third point for merit is in Simple Data Backup’s flexibility for platforms. The software is Windows Server ready; all the functionality which come as a requirement to carry out functional work through a server to workstation, can be performed. Fourthly, this backup software allows for the support of a diverse range in medium compatibility. From flash storage to optical disk burning, the software cares not what it transfers data from or to. This leads to the fifth point of praise, the restoration process is very straight forward and can be done so without an operating system installed on a given machine. Bootable disks can be made and used restore the entire disk image onto an empty system.
When looking the downfalls to Simple Data Backup, there were three that stood out the most. Differential backups were not supported. While this is not a full-fledged requirement by management, it is a feature that would be beneficial to have, should the opportunity for its use arise. The next weakness was brand recognition; no ‘large’ corporation notorieties have been directed to Simple Data Backup. Lastly, research has discovered a lack in customer support via live helpline. If there is a need for immediate communication between the developer and RGTC IT administrators, there may be an indefinite waiting time.



The second top rated product, chosen through my research, is a company called AOMEI International Network Limited. Based out of North Point in Hong Kong, the company was founded in 2010, where it thrives under the corporate philosophy of protecting their customer’s data from being lost through patented technologies their company pioneered (AOMEI, 2020).  The company offers an abundant number of backup services, from armature home PC users to professionals working under large servers within fortune-500 companies (AOMEI & Stanojevic, 2020). The company is trialed and purchased by many users, as it boasts millions of downloads spread across 180 countries, making AOMEI a truly global brand that’s well respected (AOMEI, 2020).  

Required by upper-management of RGTC, a product must contain the following five (5) features: full backup, incremental backup, differential backup (optional), backup of file(s), backup of registry, and backup of application(s). Because AOMEI offers a large number of software solutions to a wide range of end-user implications, I will be focusing on the company’s All-In-One Backup Toolkit for Enterprise and Service Provider and Multi-Manager product. While there are similar products offered by the company, I believe this backup program will deliver the most beneficial features to RGTC systems.
This backup software offers features of full backup, incremental backup, and differential backup. The program also offers the user to backup files, registry files, and applications in-between scheduled backups of full, incremental, and differential sessions (Fisher, Shychenko, AOMEI, & Stanojevic, 2020). With meeting the basics, there is an additional nine (9) other saleable features which are highly beneficial for the system administrator(s). Since this software is specifically designed for server usage, features were designed accordingly (Stanojevic, 2020). Such features include the ability to create unlimited backup images for PC and server system drives. This includes operating systems and installed programs. Another feature is creating partitions, for added security. Files can also be restored on-demand. Files and folders can be synced in real-time every second (Fisher, 2020). The programs allows for cloning entire hard drives, partitions, and specifically individual operating systems, settings, and installed programs (Jacobi, 2020). When looking at restoration of this software, the program provides high speed data restoration from backup images. The software also allows for bootable WinPE and Linux media creation. The feature for image deployment to multiple computers over networks, is also high desirable. The options for massive PXE booting is present too; the ability to machines over a network and restore machines without bootable media remotely (Fisher, 2020).

Of the many features presented in the above section--Features, specific services stood out more than others. In this section, I will provide a feature examination for the currently reviewed backup software. One of the primary strengths this backup software exhibits are the ability to provide full backups, incremental backups, and differential backups. The program also allows for the backing up of files, the registry, and applications. This software also allows for backups to be carried out from different servers within the network. There is no discrimination towards which backup medium data is coming from or going to. The company also provides a customer service help line that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The company carries a reputable reputation, as being used by many major corporations, such as BOSCH, GM, CITI, UNITED, McDonalds, FedEx, Costco, to name a few. The brand is also recognized internationally as being reliable (AOMEI, 2020). The company is offering its services and product for a one-time payment of 2,198.00 USD. The only true weakness of the product chosen is the location for usability. The software was designed to operate on server specific operating systems, though, there is no requirement towards which brand of operating system chosen.

Alternative Companies: Examination
Runner up to the two companies chosen for this report, five other backup software products were deemed only acceptable because they either did not meet all RGTC management requirements or the software carried obstructing burdens that would interfere with administrative productivity. First was Personal Backup; which allows for full, incremental and differential backup, it runs on both windows desktop environment and Windows server but the graphical user interface has no organization for settings. Next was BackUp Maker; provided only full backup and no password is available to protect the program itself. Then MiniTool ShadowMaker; Allows for full and incremental backup but charges a fee on services used each time. Followed by GFI Backup; Provides full, incremental, and differential backups but software only works through a terminal interface, specifically FTP. Lastly, DriveImage XML; full and incremental backup is available and the program is Windows Server ready, however, backups start with little warning, when scheduled. Administrators also can’t restore a backup to a drive that’s lower in capacity potential than the original drive copied from.  


Of the two companies discussed in this report, one must be chosen under professional opinion.
In comparison to Simple Data Backup, I have concluded that AOMEI’s All-In-One Backup Toolkit for Enterprise and Service Provider and Multi-Manager product is best suited in which RGTC management requires. The software meets the minimal requirements needed and carries many additional features that are seen as highly beneficial for system administrators. While Simple Data Backup did meet the necessary requirements needed to qualify, their lack in reliability in communication through customer service and the overall market-share presence, is of dire concern.
RGTC is a company that should invest with AOMEI, to protect against future data dismay and to increase administrative efficiency.  
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