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The water breached the levee
We live in northeast Louisiana seventeen miles from Lake Providence,where Bunches Bend and 10,000 acres of prime farm land has been inundated with the power of the Mississippi river. My brother had property a half a mile from the breach across the levee luckily was able,with help from farm hands and others,to move his belongings out. I don't believe we're all out of the woods,yet. There's so much power in the river, one could believe in the hundred year flood, since we're sure seeing it
A simple newspaper clipping from Ann Landers?
Positively Negative   We drank for joy and became miserable.  We drank for socialability and became argumentative.  We drank for friendship and made enemies.  We drank for sleep and awakened exhausted.  We drank for strength and felt weak.  We drank to feel exhilaration and ended up depressed.  We drank for medicinal purposes and acquired health problems.  We drank to get calmed down and ended up with the shakes.  We drank for confidence and became afraid.  We drank to make conversation flow more easily and the words came out slurred and incoherent.  We drank to diminish our problems and saw them multiply.  We drank to feel heavenly and ended up feeling like hell.. We drank to cope with life and invited death.               I've kept this in my wallet for years cut out of a home town newspaper, may it help someone else.  And please if you happened to see it and it came from Anne's sister columnist someone please let me know. 
SATCHMO-What a Wonderful World
I see trees of green ---Red roses ,too---I see them bloom---For me and you---And I think to myself---What a wonderful world.     I see skies of blue---And clouds of white---The bright blessed day---The dark sacred night---And I think to myself---What a wonderful world.      Louis Armstrong
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