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Mountain Living
The Pros and Cons to living in the mountains

The Most Amazing Animals

Mountain Living – The Most Amazing Animals!


After our visit from the bear and the rattlesnake, we couldn’t have imagined more, but….


Later that same week, (this time while I was in the kitchen), I caught movement in our back yard. Bearing in mind, (no pun intended), that our back yard is very shallow, bringing the action up close, we watched as a bobcat strolled from left to right past our back door. He was beautiful! He was definitely “on the hunt” as the chipmunks had already set off the alarm with their “click, click, click” (or “chip, chip, chip”, depending on your perspective). Because I had no camera ready, we watched him stalk the chipmunks from the bushes on the far right side of our yard.  What patience he had. Frozen still, with only his stubby tail visible, he waited for one of the chipmunks to make a mistake. He waited for a long time, tail twitching. We watched. He waited.


We hadn’t even noticed that our house cat was sunning himself on the steps along side the south side of the house – in full view of the bobcat! I don’t think that bobcat had “house cat” on the menu that day. Thankfully, after a long wait, the Bobcat sprang through the bushes and continued to walk through the woods. What a memory! We had certainly become part of the great animal highway. We look forward to seeing more wild visitors next summer.

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