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Mountain Living
The Pros and Cons to living in the mountains

Nature Abounds!

Nature abounds in the mountains of North Carolina. The Spring displays are so inspiring that I found my creative expression the first year we moved into our new home. The fact that the house was a "blank slate" as they say, was just the beginning. I found that I couldn't find enough hours in the day to complete all the experiences that I was craving.

Walks in the woods to catalog wildflowers, became my favorite activity. I would photograph each one, then rush home to look at the books I had to identify each one. Turns out, I didn't have the right books! A whole new world was outside our door. We made several excursions to town and to the Smokey Mountain Parkway, to look for more relevant books for my identifications. After adding at least three new books, I settled with my pictures and books to identify the beauty of our woods. I have been forever thankful that I took the time to get to know our woods. From that first step of identification came many creative endeavors, both for personal use, and later as a business.

Fall was glorious! Our view of the color change just couldn't be captured on film. WE TRIED! Then we took on the task of identifying the tree species in our woods. Hickory, Black Birch, Red Oak, Post Oak, Scarlet Oak, White Oak, Tulip Poplar, and more. Each one with it's own special properties, bark, leaf color, and benefit to both nature and man. Squirrels scurrying to choose the best acorns and nuts for the Winter to come.

We finished our home with a wood-buring stove to serve as our 'central heat'. We chose not to have air conditioning or central forced air heat, because we felt we just didn't need it. The wood stove is more than adequate to heat the living areas of our house. In fact, with all the excess trees in just our yard alone, we could keep wood on hand for many winters to come.

Yes, nature definitely abounds in these mountains. No doubt about it.

We had nooo idea..........