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Obama leaves office

It is 53 days, until the stuttering enemy-agent Muslim-excusing prancing pusillanimous embarrassing lawless defiling vote-faking unctuous hypocritical sniveling whining overreaching disreputable sulking treacherous osquandering odious disgusting backstabbing election-corrupting robbery-inclined formulaic callous violence-agitating puerile intruding sickening wicked sullen wretched venal psychopathic grifting peculiar furious (and fast) gratuitously-opining faithless spying-for-enemies fake irrational dejected demanding juvenile delinquent malicious detestable conniving Marxism-loving America-surrendering sly villainous shameful touchy unwelcome abominable indecisive moronical stomach-turning depressed meddling corrupt predatory impoverishing personal-history-concealing apathetic absurd unaccomplished repressive putrescent fallacious contemptible simpering megalomaniacal subversive sputtering vicious disruptive perjurious taxing predictable nauseating awful blasphemous horrid inane silly ridiculous impotent race-baiting pussified crazed inconsequential unconcerned trash-talking cynical arrogant vacuous sanctimonious foul exploitive mercurial mocking Christophobic nefarious appalling uncaring vile Republican-enabled colluding wimpy prevaricating raging hoplophobia-consumed deceptive irresponsible belligerent repellent childish insolent felonious illegitimate jejune panic-encouraging contentious creepy effete deleterious cheating self-important slimey chaos-creating lying robotic repulsive terrible pugnacious secretive worthless calculating Machiavellian brazenly-hypocritical imperious ineffectual globalist unscrupulous preening Republic-despoiling maniacal disdainful Godless opportunistic trifling loutish abnormal economy-sacking insincere degenerate ruinous prideful petty underhanded obnoxious menacing swindling pretentious fraudulent heinous high-handed autocratic pouting twisted reality-inverting perverse foolish Imperialist bragging shyster transsexual-favoring sacrilegious insidious vengeful tricky overconfident oily pathetic self-aggrandizing ghastly artificial falsely-accusing-of-racism querulous haughty glib revolting self-centered unrepentant small-minded immoral constantly-golfing despicable Che-idolizing demonic cocky nihilistic deflecting riot-fomenting destructive Islamic ruthless despotic tragedy-celebrating depraved malevolent homicidal miscreant caucasian-hating nasty malefactor scheming presumptuous loathsome homosexual dark-and-moody Allah-worshiping unsavory failing criminal-coddling baneful patronizing oligarchist assassination-enouraging surly disasterous conspiracy-creating smug specious anti-American derisive immodest freakish hostile dainty sissified malfeasant thin-skinned simpleminded toxic oppressive Internet-killing sociopathic hateful guilty disrespectful racist Mohammad-loving traitorous evil supercilious devious angry incompetent treasonous Supreme-Court-destroying manipulating threatening collaborating egocentric middle-finger-waving heartless breacher-of-trust socialist perfidious propaganda-spreading slippery outlandish petulant conceited deviant violence-provoking execrable Constitution-ignoring malignant provocational ignoble queer narcissist noxious scornful Saboteur-In-Chief illegal duplicitous effluent-like hideous dreadful Satanic communist gay crack-smoking pernicious Kenyan crypto-muslim mendacious dictator usurping scamming Choom-smoking so-called-President "Stompy-Foot" Obama,   who is now a confirmed supporter of Islamic terrorists , leaves office

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